What is Online Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is your image on the Internet. Online reputation management (ORM) is about improving or restoring your name or your brand’s good standing.

What do I get when I sign up for Inviko’s Reputation Services?

1. The best way to ensure a positive online reputation is to continuously have a volume of positive real reviews of your customers submitted to different review websites

write your review

2. We will set up an easy to use “Customer Satisfaction Survey” which will encourage your customers to submit a review

Example of a simple review page for your customers to submit reviews:

post a review

3. Your positive reviews on other websites will be made visible on your website as-well. Thus our focus is to set up a system which encourages customers to submit their reviews on the internet.

publish reviews

In a nutshell, Inviko will work with you to set up an easy to use online review system at your place of business, allowing more customers to post positive reviews of your business, enhancing your online profile.

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Why is ORM Important to your Business?

Potential customers change purchase decisions when they see bad reviews, negative blog posts and comments which can spread in various channels such as in search engine results and in social media networks. These can gravely affect your brand and your business. That’s why it’s important to have your online reputation monitored and have these negativities mitigated—while proactively building positive reputation.orm-sales-collateral---us-english---2013.12.06-a.006 Do you Google yourself or your company and you don’t like what you see?


  • 44% of adults online have searched for information about someone whose services or advice they seek in a professional capacity, like a doctor, lawyer or plumber
  • 50% of ALL Internet users over the age of 18 have left a review online
  • 78% of Internet users conduct product research online; they believe reviews are the most credible form of advertising
  • 80% of people surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw online

Reviews Represent Reputation

Online reviews are crucial for today’s businesses. Several studies show that reviews can greatly impact a brand’s reputation, and consequently sales. They are widely read and can influence people’s purchase decisions. This means rebuilding or reinforcing your online reputation is about the promotion of positive reviews: highlighting what’s good.



  • 59% of their users considered customer reviews to be more valuable than expert reviews
  • 60% of online shoppers provide feedback about a shopping experience, and are more likely to give feedback about a positive experience than a negative one
  • 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase
  • 70% of global consumers trust online consumer reviews, making them the second most trusted form of advertising behind earned media like word of mouth
  • 71% of online shoppers read reviews, making it the most widely read consumer-generated content
  • 71% used keyword searches to find products
  • 80% of online shopping time is spent researching products rather than buying them
  • 92% deemed customer reviews as “extremely” or “very” helpful
  • 92.5% of adults regularly or occasionally research products online before buying them in a store

What Are Your Competitors Doing?


  • In a test of product conversion with and without product ratings by customers: Conversion nearly doubled, going from .44% to 1.04% after the same product displayed its five-star rating. (Marketing Experiments Journal)
  • 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. (CompUSA & iPerceptions study)
  • Conversion rates are higher on products with less than perfect reviews (less than 5 stars) than those without reviews at all, indicating that the customer feels that the product has been properly reviewed by other customers. (Burpee)
  • 39 percent of those who bought from sites with reviews cite the reviews as the primary factor influencing the purchase decision. (Foresee Results Study)
  • 96% of these ranked customer ratings and reviews as an effective or very effective tactic at driving conversion.
  • But only 26% of the 137 top retailers surveyed offered customer ratings and reviews. (Forrester)
  • User-generated ratings and reviews are the second most important site feature behind search. Retailers who adopt ratings and reviews as a differentiator and retention strategy will gain market share. (Jupiter Research)

The Future

Online reputation will become more and more important as online users increase at exponential rates and become more and more connected with each other via various devices and online media.

Online users search for local business via social network:


  • 70% read others’ experiences
  • 65% learn more about businesses, brands, products and services
  • 53% compliment brands
  • 50% express concerns about brands, products, and services

This makes social media a very good venue to build brands, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth or viral promotion. It is a perfect platform to build your online reputation.

Social media giants are growing:


Before we conduct any effort to improve your online reputation, the first thing we need to do is to conduct in-depth consultation with you. We need to know if there are pressing issues affecting your image to prospects online. We will conduct initial research about your business and what types of web pages appear when prospects search your name or your company name on Google.


Social Media Optimization Profile Creation and Optimization

If needed we will set up your social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, we can create a personal profile or a business page.

Content Generation

We provide on-page and off-page content generation such as press release, article, and blog article. This content is optimized with the correct application of links, anchor texts and keyword usage. Users like valuable content and so search engines put much weight on content in their algorithms. The more useful the content you have on your web pages, the higher your web pages will rank on search engines and the better your reputation will be.

Examples of Techniques We Use:

  • Improving the ranking of existing web pages with positive content
  • Encourage Genuine customer review posting
  • Press releases and articles
  • Blogging
  • Social networking